The Problem

Unrecycled plastic bottles and films have had a devastating effect on our environment for centuries and are continuing to do so, destroying our oceans, environment and future.

Water tourism, the transportation of packaged drinking water, is a highly uneconomical and costly way of distributing water to the end user. High volume and weight transport pushes up the prices, making drinking water unaffordable for some locals.

The Solution

We at Aguapak© have recognized this increasing need for a sustainable water packaging solution. With our partners we have developed a bio-degradable mono-film to produce drink water bags.

Aguapak © Water Bag

The Approach

The approach we chose involved making traditional polyolefins bio-degradable by combining newly innovated biodegrading additives. These additives convert traditional environmentally damaging polymeric film into sustainable, bio-compostable, environmentally friendly material that degrades through a controlled process of biotic and subsequent biological degradation.

The Aguapak© bio-degradable film is supplied in printed reels and can be used on most available vertical form-fill and seal (VFFS) machines.

Aguapak© co-operates only with a highly selected, industry leading professionals and suppliers, located in Switzerland and Europe. We partner with specialists in filtration systems, solar- and wind power units, packaging solutions, water treatment and the Bern, Switzerland University of Applied Science and Engineering.

Biodegradable film contains biodegrading additive which assists in

Photo - Thermo - and Oxo - degradation under sunlight followed by Biotic (microbial) degradation under composting conditions
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